X Hiring Beta tool announced, what is it? Will only verified organisations get it? Know

Elon Musk’s ‘X’, which previously was Twitter, plans to challenge the professional networking giant LinkedIn. As per latest reports, X has already started the game with the announcement of X hiring. This is a beta version which can be accessed by verified organisations. With this feature, they will be able to list available jobs on their profiles making hiring easier for both the organizations and the job seekers. In a post, X wrote, “Unlock early access to the X Hiring Beta — exclusively for Verified Organisations.”

The newly introduced feature will be very helpful as it will highlight their crucial job vacancies. This way they will be able to reach out thousands of potential candidates for any available role. It is to be remembered that these organizations pay $1,000 per month for verification status. However, this doesn’t prove that it’ll be able to compete with LinkedIn but can sure be called as a potential competitor. For any verified organisation or entity to be able to have early access to the X hiring beta, they must register for it.

As per information received, the organisations that will get the X hiring beta tool on their profiles can list upto 5 job requirements. This will increase the outreach of the company. Elon Musk had already shared about this feature around May this year. This feature is in line with Elon’s aim to build an everything app that can cater for different needs of everyone. The registration can be done through the link provided by X, url has been added in the post.

Right now it is not clear what the feature will come with. Because if companies wanted to, they could simply post about the required job role and pin it. Moreover, it’s not confirmed if the tool will help the candidates apply for the role on the platform itself. Or if the feature will have some ways to let the company know if a candidate is suitable or not. There’s so much suspense about how it will work. But one thing is for sure organisations who spend of subscription will get some special feature for that much money.

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