US Ex-President Donald Trump gets 25 August as deadline for surrendering

Former US President Donald Trump has decided to turn himself in after he interacted with Fulton County district attorney’s office on Monday. He discussed about consent Bond and release condition there. Him along with 18 other defendants have been charged for 41 criminal cases. Willis gave them time till 25 August to turn himself in. If not done so, he will be arrested by force. If Donald Trump turns himself in, he will be processed at Fulton country jail which is located in Georgia on Thursday. Trump and his allies were indicted in Georgia on Monday, they have been charged over planning to illegally overturn Trump’s 2020 election loss in the state.

It has been informed that when Donald Trump well surrender, the lock down will be implemented in the area around rice Street jail. Moreover, there are no exact report of time when Donald Trump will be surrendering. Spokesperson for Trump also did not mention anything about the timing when asked for a comment. Trump’s bond has been set at $200,000 which means that that this is his bail charge. This was set by judge in Atlanta on Monday in the latest election interference case against him.

Trump made announcement of him surrendering through a post on truth social. In the meanwhile, he will be looking for logistical details regarding three new criminal cases which have been filed against him in 2023. Under the bond, he has been requested not to have any communication with the witnesses or co-defendant of the case. He has been ordered to not intimidate or threaten them in any way.

According to the bond, he can remain free pending trial until and unless he follows the bond rule of not threatening the co-defendents. Moreover, the court filing which was posted on Monday also mentioned about social media posts. It said that Trump cannot communicate with the co-defendants through any social media posts as well. He should not make any direct or indirect thread using repost of the post made by someone else as well. Amid all of this, Trump has not accepted 13 charges which have been made against him which also includes racketeering and false statements.

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