India shall be called Bharat? G20 invite with ‘President of Bharat’ sparks debate in the nation!

A huge controvercy has erupted over the country’s name and the debate started after the rashtrapati bhavan released an invitation for the g20 dinner. The invitation for september 9’s g20 dinner had mentioned ‘President of Bharat’. Previously, it used to be president of india and this time the word India has been replaced with bharat. With this, the central government got accused for changing the name of the nation after the alliance of opposition parties named themselves as I.N.D.A.I. Now the quiestion is will India word be replaced with Bharat in the constitution?

Opposition parties have shown strong dissaproval over the developments. Meanwhile, many leaders have supported the move made by the government. External affairs minister S Jaishankar has also shared his views on the controvarcy. He said that the constitution mentions india that is bharat. Asking the oppotion to read the constitution he said “I invite everybody to read it”. Moreover, article 1 of the constitution says India, that is Bharat, shall be a union of states. which means that the constitution identifies the nation as both india and bharat.

Now the country has been divided into two groups. However one group has 80% of the people who prefer the name Bharat. In fact, not just politicians but actors and famous cricketers have jumped in the conversation. One of the leading cricketers Virendra Sehwag has in fact asked the government to change the name of the Nations cricket team as team Bharat instead of team India. Moreover the Bollywood big Amitabh Bachchan also tweeted Bharat Mata ki Jai amid the controversy showing his personal preference.

Many leaders have asked several questions to the opposition party leaders who don’t want the nation to be called as Bharat. The first question is ‘Why is the opposition having a problem with the word Bharat. They have also highlighted that the name Bharat is the original name of the nation and infact 80% people use this name itself. The name Bharat appers in many old and epic scriptures where as name india is said to be given by the British during their rule in the nation. Meanwhile, as per speculations the government could bring a resolution to officially rename India as Bharat in the upcoming Parliament special sessions.

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