DUNE Part 2 will have to wait before hitting the theaters, Warner Bros confirm the postponement

A big news has come from the Hollywood industry about Dune: Part 2 and the internet is flooded with this news. It has been revealed that the film may not be released until 2024. The release of the film that start Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya starrer may be postponed as per makers. Previously, it was said that the film would be released in November 2023 which will not be happening confirmed Warner Bros. Denis Villeneuve’s most anticipated science-fiction sequel will be released in 2024 on March 15 as per latest update.

Dune film gathered a lot of attention and did an amazing job at the box office. It won the 2021 Oscars as well which is why the second part is one of the most awaited films. Other than the two mentioned above the film stars Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem, Stellan Skarsgard, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh and Lea Seydoux. Despite being the most awaited it was postponed due to strikes that are being held by actors and screenwriters.

As the strike is going on, the actors are not available for promotion of the film. The makers of the film fear of missing out on financial gains because many films that got released after the strike began, got dull response. This happened due to promotional ban that has been going on. For instance, Warner Bros superhero movie Blue Beetle that released during the strike saw a dip with its opening day earning $25M (£19.8m) which is not as good. Looking at that it’s legit to have postponed the Dune sequel with considerably high budget.

The sequel of Dune is of $122M and the first Part was $162M approximately. This means that the sequel is made with lesser budget by $40M. Dune that was released in 2021 and made a business of $400M which is approximately $317M. Meanwhile, the announcement of postponing of the second part is a huge drawback to the cinema chains. This is because they are still struggling to get back on the track due to the loss that happened due to Covid-19 pandemic. The strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA), which was joined by thousands of actors began on May 2.

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