Chandrayaan-3 landing is just few hours away, most critical part awaits says ISRO chief

One of the most awaited moments for all the Indians is the landing of the Chandrayaan- 3, India’s third edition of the lunar mission series. We are just 48 hours away from the scheduled landing time of Chandrayaan- 3. The Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO has informed that the landing will be made at 6:04 p.m. on 23 August. We are around 32 hours away from the scheduled landing time. Meanwhie, ISRO has announced that there will be a live telecast which will begin at 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday. This telecast will show the smooth landing of Chandrayaan-3.

As per reports, Chandrayan 3 successfully established two way communication with Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter on Monday. It is present in the Moon’s Orbit as it could not make a soft landing on the Moon’s South Pole. Chandrayaan 2 was launched in 2019 but it was not successful as it lost touch with earth. This happened when it reached an altitude of as closes 2.1 km. This time India has High Hopes from the Chandrayaan 3. Recently, Russia’s Luna-25 mission failed to land on the moon when the probe reportedly crashed into the moon unexpectedly.

Meanwhile, ISRO chief has pointed out the most critical part of the lunar mission. Chief S Somanath explains that Chandrayaan-3 needs to decrease its speed from about 1.68km/s (6,048km/hr) horizontally, so that the direction is such that the craft becomes vertical and finally bringing it to zero after making a soft landing on the lunar surface. As per information received, the lander’s touchdown test limit is only ≤ 3.0 m/sec (10.8km/hr) vertical velocity.

Chandrayan 3 was launched on July 14, 2023 with thousands of people watching it launch with high expectations of all Indians. Currently the Lander Module of Chandrayaan-3’s mission is to identify a spot for perfect landing on the lunar surface. Which if happens, will go down to the history of landing on moon. Apart from all them, fresh controversies have erupted after actor Prakash Raj mocked Ex-ISRO chief K Shivan. The actor posted a photo of a character making tea with which he wrote first picture coming from the moon by Vikram lander.

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