Apple working on A19 Bionic Chip? Will power iPhone 17? Know here

The Apple iPhones are considered to have some of the best chipsets available in the market. As the iPhone 15 is getting ready to launch by the next month a new report has excited the audience. It is about the development of A19 Bionic SoC which may power the iPhone 17 series which will be launched not before than 2025. Till 2022, all the iPhone’s used to come with latest chipset but later Apple changed the trend to reserve the better Bionic chipset for the pro models. On one hand A16 powered pro models and on the other hand the standard models used to come with an improved A15 Bionic chipset.

The Apple iPhone 15 pro which will be launched very soon in a month will be powered by A17 Bionic SoC. This means that the development of this chipset is already over and the development of A18 has begun. A17 mobile chip will be the first in the market which has been fabricated on a 3 nm process. The debate over development of A19 chipset started after an user named @_orangera1n posted some details on Twitter, now ‘X’ social media platform. He also mentioned about M5 chip.

In his post he wrote, “it appears that Apple has already started working on the A19 and M5 Pro/Max/Ultra SoC’s. Along with this caption, he also shared a photo of CPU IDs of the Apple processors. The A16 Bionic chipset which powers iPhone 14 Pro models, features 16 billion transistors along with 3nm A17 Bionic. Reports suggest that, A19 will be the first processor by Apple which will come with 2nm process. Which will facilitate in faster performance, owing to smaller-sized transistors, which will help Apple to fit in more transistors inside each die. Plus improved power efficiency.

About the M5 chip, Apple is developing them as well, for its range of Macs. The company is planning to reveal it’s first Macs which will be powered by M3 SoC soon. This indicates that the launch of M5 will be around the same time when iPhone 17 will be introduced which is around 2025 approximately. However, none of the above information has been confirmed or officially released by the Tech giant as of now. The information in this post is based on unofficial sources.

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