1 Million visas to be issued to Indians by US? India most important in the world for Joe Biden!

During the G20 forum program that was held by an organization named ‘Indiasapora’, U.S. Ambassador Eric Garcetti talked about issuing record number of visas to Indians. In the event that was held in Delhi, Eric stated that the United States will issue record number of visas this year. He also revealed that he had a talk about this with President Joe Biden in which he recalls the President addressing India as “the most important country in the world”. In another part of his speech he said that everybody in the United States, no matter which sector they are from, wants to know about India. He himself addressed India as the centre of the universe.

While talking about issuing visa he expressed how United States has always been optimistic about India. He dated back to the beginning of India’s Independence and said that President Roosevelt supported independence of India. He had discussed India’s independence with then Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain. President Roosevelt had stated that it was something that was “necessary” to do that’s to free India.

Meanwhile, Eric remembered his first visit to India with his parents who used to work as employees at Pan Am airlines. In a statement he revealed that he had come to India in 1985 and remembers the nation vividly from back then. Eric said “Please come to America,” while he presented the America Visa Scheme. In another report, it has been highlighted that the US is getting ready to issue more than 1 million visas to Indians in 2023, as per officials.

Eric paid tribute to the Indian-American community which he informed is contributing to 6% of the total tax of the United states. He was addressing the event on the topic of ‘US & India: Batting together on a good pitch’. The speech ended with some of his beliefs in which he said that he believes India-American relationship is not only a force for good but a force for positive change in a world that badly needs it. Moreover jobatin will be visiting India to attend the G20 Summit from September 7 to 10.

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